Pharma Packaging

Use of filter fan units

Client: Datwyler Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Shirwal, Satara, Maharashtra, India
Industry: Pharma Packaging


Datwyler Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.’s Maharashtra facility produces medical rubber closure caps and stoppers for pharmaceutical drug delivery systems.

In this project, to achieve ISO classification of clean rooms, the facility implemented Filter Fan Units with integrated cooling coils, marking a pioneering move in the segment. This successful implementation not only delivered direct benefits but also set a precedent for a paradigm shift from conventional Air Handling systems in the industry.


An important aim of the project was to address the following client challenges:


We selected a brand of filter fan units with integrated cooling coils based on their proven performance in Europe. We evaluated the financial feasibility of importing such units and installing the system versus the cost of conventional methods, factoring in imports as well. This evaluation covered both capital and operational expenditures. We also ensured the viability of the timeline for system realization, including import time, local installation, and service support. The business case, considering all factors, was presented to, and approved by Datwyler.


The project was executed with meticulous planning and attention to detail during installation. After successful commissioning and more than a year of use, the following results have been observed:

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