Pharma Packaging

Modular Cleanroom

Client: Datwyler Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Shirwal, Satara, Maharashtra, India
Industry: Pharma Packaging


Datwyler Pharma Packaging India Pvt. Ltd.’s Maharashtra facility manufactures medical rubber closure caps and stoppers for pharmaceutical drug delivery systems. In this project, the facility implemented a modular approach to its clean rooms, focusing on non-progressive cleanroom walls and T-grid ceilings to enhance flexibility and adaptability.


Datwyler identified the need for a clean room layout that could be easily modified over time due to process upgrades, machinery upgrades, or other operational reasons. The goal was to design clean rooms that could accommodate future modifications with minimal downtime and optimal use of existing infrastructure.


To achieve modularity, non-progressive clean room walls were chosen. These walls, combined with T-grid ceilings, provided a modular framework for the entire cleanroom shell. An Indian manufacturer with expertise in non-progressive walls and T-grid ceilings was selected after thorough vetting of their past installations. This vetting process included visiting the manufacturer’s facility and inspecting their reference projects, which were operational. During installation, close supervision ensured the correct approach and sequence were followed to maintain quality standards.


The implemented clean rooms offer exceptional quality and full modularity. Anticipated future modifications are easily achievable with the modular walls and ceiling concept:

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